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AP DSC 2018 SGT Appointment Order Schedule Released

AP DSC 2018 Appointment Order Schedule Released. Memo.No.ESE02-20021/6/2018-RECTMT-CSE Dated:22/09/2020 Sub: SE- AP DSC 2018 – Completion of the recruitment Process to the Post of SGT in DSC 2018 Instructions – Issued-Reg

  • Read : 1. Go.Ms.No. 67 School Education( Exams) Department Dt. 26.10.2018
  • 2. Go.Ms.No. 15,16 School Education( Exams) Department Dt. 26.10.2018 10.06.2019.
  • 3. Govt. MemoNo.ESE01-SEDOCSE (RECT)/6/2018 SE DEPT, DT.
  • 4. Proc. Rc.No. ESO02-20021/06/2018- RECTMT-CSE.DT. 14.06.2019
  • 5.Proc. Rc.No.2900824/TRC-1/2019 Dt.04.10.2019
  • 6. Memo No. ese02-20021/6/2018- RECTMT-CSE- dt. 01.06.2020.

The attention of the District Educational Officers, in the state are requested to to complete the recruitment of DSC- 2018 to the Post of S.G.T as per the following schedule and instructed to must be mentioned in the appointment order i.e subject to the outcome of the final judgment in Writ appeal No.302/2020 in W.P.No.9576/2019 and follow the guidelines which was already issued vide this office Proc.dt.04.10.2019. During the identification of vacancies list prioritization may be made based on enrolment/need. The following procedure should be adapted:

All the needed/justified vacancies in schools located in category IV areas should be identified.

After exhausting the vacancies in Category IV area, the schools located under Category III area should be identified.

Similarly after exhausting all the vacancies in schools in Category II and IV areas the schools located in Category II area shall be identified.

While drawing up the list of vacancies in the schools, the following priority should be followed subjectwise to the required/needed I. No teacher schools II.Single teacher schools.

AP DSC 2018 SGT Appointment Schedule:

  • The following schedule shall be adhered to: SMS sending to the candidates – 23.09.2020
  • Uploading of certificates – 23.09.2020
  • Certificate verification – 24.09.2020.
  • Displaying of Vacancies – 24.09.2020.
  • Conduct of Manual Counselling & Issuing of Posting orders – 25th& 26th .09.2020.
  • 3. Selected candidates can join in Schools from 28.09.2020 onwards.

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AP DSC 2018 Appointment Order Schedule Released