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Treasury Telangana Payslip Download at

Treasury Telangana Payslip Download at

Treasury Telangana Payslip Download at Telangana State Treasury provides TS Employee Pay Slip 2021 or TS Employee Salary Slip 2021 on the official IFMIS Telangana website to all. Employees working in various departments can view details and download their pay slips from the official get_payslip login page.

Overseeing the proper transfer of State funds, the Telangana State Treasury ensures the maintenance of accounts in all financial transactions. The Department of Finance is also responsible for the administration of the State’s financial policy.

About Telangana Treasury Available Slips

TreasuryTreasury Enter Details
TitleTelangana Treasury Payslip
Official Website
CategoryPay Slip
State NameTelangana
Official Website
Employee Pay SlipsDownload Here
Download WeblinkOnline Salary Slip
e KuberCheck Here

IFMIS Pay Slip SMS Alerts:

Monthly salary details will be available to each employer via SMS Alerts System from the IFMIS Pay Slip web Portal. Salary Details SMS Alert such as, ‘Hello, Job Name (1234567), Your Salary.

FMIS Pay Slip contains DDO call, DDO code, staff code, employee name, staff appointment, GPF No employee, TSGLI employee No, PAN No employee, Bank A / C Cha , Bank IFSC, bank name, staff rate, See No, Check Date, No Token, Token Date, Bill Date, Amount Paid, Amount Deducted, Total Amount, Employee Remuneration, Employee Deduction and Employee Amount.

Basic Information which means the details of the bank account in which the salary is deposited and its transaction is indicated. These include Employer Name by Designation, DDO Code, TSGLI number of employees, code, PAN number, GPF number, Bank account number, bank name and employee rate.

Employee Salary Details stating details of (a) Earnings namely, Basic Income, DA, HRA and Telangana Promotions and other benefits that are fully paid by the employee. (b) Deduction details namely, ZP GPF, GIS Insurance, PT (Professional Tax) and TSGLI (Registered) for Total Deduction. (c) Acquisition Acquisition Information and (d) Total Acquisition Information currently in use.

DDO Bill details stating that the token number with the date of the token, the date of the DDO bill, the total amount of DDO fees, the amount of DDO withdrawals and DDO fees details of the total amount must be included in the Pay Slip. An employee can download a payment slip from these web services. Details of Additional Employee Bills are available.

E-Kuber Schemes (Pension, Salary, Milk, Kalyanalakshmi (old), Budgets, Scholarships)

How to Check and download e Kuber statement:

Go to the official website

Select financial year and enterPension, Salary, Milk, Kalyanalakshmi (old), Budgets, Scholarships and get data.

How to Download TS Employee Pay Slip?

Step-by-step information about Pay Slip online download is provided here for you. The employee must follow the simple steps provided for downloading the IFMIS Pay Slip. The user can access the IFMIS Pay Slip Web Portal and can only download your Slip Pay online via OPT Secure Method. Therefore, Employee cannot download Pay Slip for Another Employee.

Visit the IFMIS Website The employee needs to visit the official IFMIS website by installing it at in your browser’s device search browser.

Step 2: Click the Payslip button. Once you have access to the IFMIS Telangana website, click the Payslip button on the home page. At the click of a button, the Generate Payslips web page will open on your device.

Step 3: Pay the slips: Enter employee code On the Generate Payslips web page, enter your work code and captcha code in the boxes provided. You need to click the search button, then your information like name, phone number will be displayed on your device and check your details.

Step 4: Search Slip Search: Click the Send OTP button
After viewing your details, click the OTP send button. The One-Time Password (4 digits) will be sent to your mobile number and enter the OTP received in the required fields and click on the navigation button. After that, Generate Payslip Option will be enabled.

IFMIS Salary Slip OTP

Click the Generate Payslip button Now, Select month and year from the drop-down list and click on Start Generate Receipt Button. Finally, your detailed Pay Slip online will be created within a month.

DTA Telangana Regarding FAQ’s
What is the purpose of developing the DTA TS online portal?
The purpose of this website is to provide services to the home of those who wish to seek help.

In what format can the TS salary slip be downloaded from the official website?
Citizens can download the payslip in PDF format and obtain its hardcopy for future use.

How do I download the forms from the official website
To get the forms, you need to visit the DTA website and click on the “Form” option. Choose the form you are interested in and download it.

How can anyone know the contact details of the official DTA port?
For contact details open the site and click on the “Contact Us” tab from the menu. Full details will brighten up your screen in a text format.