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AP/TS Teachers MLCs Voter Online Registration Form 19

AP/TS Teachers MLCs Voter Enrollment/Registration Form 19 Mock application. Teachers who are eligible to vote for MLC Elections 2020 to Apply Online Application Submission at Election Official website.

How to Apply MLC Voter list Enrolment of form 19 :

Mock Application:

FORM-19(Teachers) Claim for inclusion of name in the electoral roll for a Teachers’ Constituency To, The Electoral Registration Officer

*Teachers Constituency: –Select–

*District: Sir, I request that my name be included in the electoral roll for the above Teacher’s Constituency. Particulars in support of my claim for inclusion in the electoral roll are given below: (Note: File Should be in JPG Formate and Size Should Below 100Kb)

Applicant Photo: 1. Applicant’s Details:


*పేరు: ఇంటి పేరు: Date of birth: Day: Month: Year: Age: Gender: -Select- Relation Type: -Select-

*Relation Name: Relation Surname(if any): తల్లి/తండ్రి/భర్త పేరు: తల్లి/తండ్రి/భర్త ఇంటి పేరు: House Address(Place of ordinary residence):

*House/Door number:

*Town/ Village: Select *Tehsil/ Taluka/ Mandal/ Thana:

*Street /Area /Locality /Mohalla /Road: వీధి / ప్రాంతం / రహదారి:

*Town/ Village: పట్టణం / గ్రామం:

*Post Office: తపాలా కార్యాలయము:

*Pin Code: Details of AC & EPIC, If the applicant’s name is included: District: Please Select Ac No & Name: EPIC No(ID CARD NO): Polling Station No.: Sl.No in PS: 2.During the last six years I have been engaged in teaching for the total period of more than three

  • 1.Name of Educational Institution from to (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • 2.Name of Educational Institution from to (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • 3.Name of Educational Institution from to (DD/MM/YYYY)

3. Date of Entry into service (DD/MM/YYYY) as a Teacher Date of Retirement (DD/MM/YYYY) In support of my claim as being a Teacher in profession,I submit herewith as being a Teacher in profession,I submit herewith (Note: File Should be in JPG Formate and Size Should Below 200Kb)

4.My name has not been included in the electoral roll for this or any other Teachers constituency; Or My name has been included in the electoral roll for Constituency –Select– and District under the given address below and I request that it to be deleted from that roll. House No: Street/Mohalla: Town/Village: Mobile No: Email ID: I declare that I am citizen of India and that all the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge.

Schedule of Teachers MLC Elections 2020 :

1. Public Notice: 01.10.2020
2. Enrollment as Voters Start Online registration: 01.10.2020
3. Preparation of Voters list and Publish Draft Voters list: 01.12.2020
4. Voters list Objections and claim form: 01.12.2020 to 31.12.2020
5. Publish final Voters list on 18.01.2020

AP Teachers MLCs Voter Election Districts:

Ubhaya Godavari Districts, Krishna-Guntur Graduate constituencies, Uttar Andhra Teacher constituency,

Telangana Teachers MLCs Voter Election Districts:

For Medak-Nizamabad-Adilabad-Karimnagar Graduate constituency,
For Warangal-Khammam-Nalgonda Upadhyay constituency,
The EC is preparing for elections to Medak-Nizamabad-Adilabad-Karimnagar Graduate constituency.

TS Inter Academic Calendar 2020-21 Syllabus

TS Inter Academic Calendar 2020-21 Syllabus released. Rc.No.99/E2-3/Calendar/2020-21. Sub:- TSBIE – Academic 2 year Intermediate Course. All the Principals of Junior Colleges and Composite Colleges offering Intermediate Course in the State are informed that the Tentative Annual Academic Programme (Calendar) for the academic year 2020-2021 in respect of Junior and Composite Degree Colleges in the State offering Intermediate course in general and vocational courses is as follows.


No of Working days182
Date of Commencing01-09-2020 (Tuesday) )
Last working day16-04-2021 (Friday
Dasara Holidays23-10-2020 (Friday) To 25-10-2020(Sunday)
Sankranthi Holidays13-01-2021 (Wednesday) & 14-01-2021(Thursday)
Pre-Final Exams22-02-2021 (Monday) 27-02-2021 (Saturday)
Date of commencement of Practical Exams 202101-03-2021(Monday) To 20-03-2021(Saturday) Classes should be conducted to the Humanities, 1 year Science students who have shortage of attendance, during March 2021
Date of commencement of Theory Exams IPE-202124-03-2021(Wednesday) To 12-04-2021(Monday)
Last working day for the academic year 2020-202116-04-2021 (Friday)
Summer Vacation17-04-2021 (Saturday) To 31-05-2021 (Monday) (Both days inclusive)
Advance Supplementary ExaminationsLast Week of May 2021
Date of Re-opening of colleges after summer vacation for the academic year01-06-2021 (Tuesday)

TS Inter 1st Year and 2nd Year Syllabus:

70 పాఠ్యాంశాలలో బోర్డు పరీక్షలు ఇంటర్మీడియట్ బోర్డు సెక్రటరీ ఆదేశాలు హైదరాబాద్, నమస్తే తెలంగాణ: కరోనా నేపథ్యంలో ఇంటర్మీడియట్ విద్యార్థుల భవిష్యత్తును దృష్టిలో పెట్టుకొని సిలబస్ 30% కోత విధిం చారు. ఈ మేరకు ఇంటర్ బోర్డు సెక్రటరీ సయ్యద్ ఒమర్ జలీల్ మంగ వారం ఒక ప్రకటన విడుదల చేశారు. తగ్గించిన సిలబస్ పోగా మిగిలిన 70% సిలబస్ బోర్డు పరీక్షలు నిర్వహిస్తామని తెలిపారు. 2020-21 విద్యా సంవత్సరాన్ని జీరో ఇయర్ నుంచి కాపాడేందుకు సీబీఎస్ఈ ఈ మేరకు మార్గదర్శకాలు విడుదల చేసిందని వివరించారు. కరోనా వల్ల జూనియర్ కాలేజీలకు పనిదినాలు తగ్గిన నేపథ్యంలో సిలబస్ తగ్గించా మని, ఈ ఒక్క విద్యా సంవత్సరానికి ఇది వర్తిస్తుందని పేర్కొన్నారు జేఈఈ మెయిన్, అడ్వాన్స్డ్, నీట్ పరీక్షలను దృష్టిలో పెట్టుకుని విద్యా ర్థులకు ఆటంకం కలుగకుండా ఇంటర్ సైన్స్ సబ్జెక్టుల్లో సిలబస్ తగ్గించా మని వివరించారు. తగ్గించిన, కొనసాగుతున్న సిలబస్ వివరాలు వెబ్సైట్లో ఉంచామన్నారు.

All the Principals/Managements are requested to follow the instructions furnished under:

1. All the Managements of private un-aided Jr. Colleges are informed that according to Annual Calendar of 2019-20 the Jr. Colleges are deemed to be closed for summer vacation from 21.03.2020 to 31.08.2020 Due to Pandemic COVID -19).

2. In addition to the vacation, all Sundays & public holidays declared by the Government of Telangana should be strictly observed as holidays. Any deviation will be viewed seriously.

3. Admission should be made only in accordance with announced by Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education. the admission schedule

4. No college should employ marketing strategies like appointing public relation officer or any such personnel for canvassing their case.

5. No advertisement should be carried out through hoarding, pamphlets, wall writings etc.

6. No advertisement should be made through electronic media or print media.

7. All the principals of un-aided Junior Colleges are instructed not to resort to issue of advertisements with inducements amounting to violation of Rule 7 of Andhra Pradesh public Examinations (Prevention of Malpractice & Unfair means) Rules 1997 issued in G.O.Ms.No.114, dated 13.05.1997. Any violation noticed will be dealt under Law.

8. All the private college managements are hereby informed that if they do not send the qualified lecturers for spot valuation camps, stringent steps / disciplinary action would be taken against them. All the Managements of private un-aided Jr. Colleges are hereby informed that, if any deviation is noticed, the Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education will take action including dis-affiliation of the college against the managements.

Download Syllabus and instructions Guidelines: