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AP KGBV Intermediate Admissions 2020 in 50 Colleges

AP State Government intruding admissions into various inter groups apply at Samagra Shiksha – KGBV- Upgradation of 50 KGBV as KGBV Junior Colleges by starting Intermediate Course – Permission accorded – Orders – Issued.

AP KGBV Admissions 2020-21:


  • From the SPD, SSA, A.P. Hyd Dated: 29-09-2020 Read the following: Lr.Rc.No.1144/APSSA/ KGBV/A10/2015, dt: 28.05.2016
  • G.0.Ms.No. 12, SE(Prog.ll) Dept., dt.6.2.2018
  • G.0.Ms.No. 15, SE(Prog.I) Dept., dt.5.3.2018.
  • From the SPD, SSA, A.P. Hyd Lr.Rc.No. 1144/APSSA/ KGBV/A10/2017, dt: 20.06.2018 5. G.0.Ms. No.39 SE(Prog.l) Dept., dt.19.7.2018
  • From the SPD, SSA, AP, e-File No. SE.264885/Prog.ii/A2/2016, dt.22.5.2019.
  • G.O.Ms. No.37, SE (Prog.l) Department, dt.4.6.2019.
  • From the SPD, SSA, AP, Lr.Rc.No. 1144/APSSA/KGBV/A10/2017, dt.26.6.2019.
  • G.O.Ms.No.51, SE(Prog.Il) Dept., dt.07.08.2019.
  • From the SPD, SSA, AP, Lr.Rc.No.1144/APSSA/KGBV/2017, dt.03.10.2019.
  • . G.O.Ms. No.75, SE (Prog.Il) Department, dt.28.10.2019. 12. From the SPD, APSS, eFile No.SS-21021/31/2020-IED & KGBV-SSA, dt. 10.9.2020.

ORDER: In the G.Os 2nd 3,5th and thread above Government have accorded permission to the State Project Director, APSS, for upgradation of 171 KGBV as “KGBV Junior Colleges” by starting of Intermediate from the academic year 2018-2019 onwards.

In the lr. 12 read above, the SPD, APSS, has informed that PAB approved to upgrade 50 KGBVS in Aspirational Districts in the State by starting of the intermediate first year with @ 40 students during the academic year 2020-2021 and Second year during the academic year 2021 2022 with @ 40 students. Therefore he has requested the Government for issue orders in the matter.

Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord permission to State Project Director, APSS to upgrade 50 KGBV as “KGBV Junior Colleges” to start Intermediate First year course from the academic year 2020-2021 and Second year course from the academic year 2021-2022 with the groups /courses indicated against each KGBVs in Aspirational Districts i.e. Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam and Kadapa as per the Annexure appended to this G.O.

The State Project Director, AP, Samagra Shiksha, shall take necessary further action in the matter, accordingly.



  • 50% of the remaining seats will go to ST and SC combined.
  • Of the remaining seats available after the SC and SC allocation, following allocation of seats will happen.
  • BC-A, B, C,D,E = Total 45% of the remaining seats 1st. A = 7% 2nd. B = 10% 3rd. C=1% 4th. D = 7% 5th. E = 5%
  • Remaining 5% of the seats will be reserved for OC and Minorities.

The applicant or the Parents of the applicants should bring Aadhaar Number or ‘Child Info Number. Through Child Info Number or Aadhaar Card Number the application would download the personal information of the applicant directly from the database shared by the Govt Dept.

Online Application for 6th, 8th and inter of official website:

How to download Selection list:

Candidates go the official website Enter your AADHAR Card number or Reference id. Select your date of birth and submit.